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We take pride in testing various products and giving our honest review via various social media sites as well as on the product’s website

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Photography is a passion of mine where I express myself through the art of lighting. I am a self taught photographer and you can view some of my work on the gallery page

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We do hair tutorial videos with a supported blog post so you will never get lost as the instructions are clear cut.

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African Black soap shampoo

How to make DIY African black soap Shampoo/bodywash

African black soap shampoo is so good for natural hair, that you can actually run your fingers or a comb […]

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simple hairstyles for braids

How to style box braids without having to visit the hair stylist

Ever spent money to braid your hair and after a week you want to style it? Most times you don’t […]

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Marc Beauty eyeconic multi finish eyeshadow palette

Marc Beauty eyeconic multi finish eyeshadow palette review

The Marc Beauty eyeconic multi finish eyeshadow palette by Marc Jacobs is a really good investment. Although it’s a bit pricey, […]

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