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Anastashia Beverly Hills online release date new eyeshadow palette called subculture

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Today Anastasia Beverly Hills sent the Beauty community to heaven when they posted a sneak peak of their newest eye shadow palette called Subculture.

The palette has fourteen (14) beautiful shades listed as follows:

  • Cube : looks like a light pink shimmer shade
  • Dawn : looks like a beautiful pastel creamy vanilla  shade
  • Destiny : A light moss greenish shade with a yellow undertone
  • Adorn : A dark goldish shimmer shade, perfect for the Summer time
  • All Star : A redish brown shade
  • Mercury : Beautiful dark grey coloured shadow
  • Axis : Beautiful deep Aqua shade
  • Roxy : A matte looking peach shade
  • Electric : A light gold shimmer shade
  • Fudge : Medium brown matte shade
  • New Wave : Mustard shade with a redish undertone
  • Untamed : Lightish moss green shade
  • Edge : Lightish yellow shade
  • Rowdy : A dark brown shade with a redish undertone

This palette is already trending on social media and is set for online release on 25th July 2017. I am looking forward to reading reviews from this palette.

A few weeks ago Jaclyn Hill  and Morphe collaborated on their palette which has been trending ever since its release date. Lets see how this palette does on the market. Please share this post and leave a comment on your first impression of this palette.

SUBCULTURE – July 25th #abhsubculture

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4 thoughts on “Anastashia Beverly Hills online release date new eyeshadow palette called subculture

  1. This is an interesting palette. Looks very cool toned and has many colors that are outside of my comfort zone. I may or may not purchase this because I prefer making my own palettes.

    1. That’s really cool that you make your own palettes, i would love to see the ones you made. Drop a link to your blog i will check it out

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