How to do diamond nails

How to apply diamonds/rhinestones on nails

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How to do diamond nails

I was inspired to attempt this nail jewelry look by Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star Carli B. She posted some clear coffin cut diamond nails onto her Instagram a couple months ago and it looked so pretty that I decided to try to recreate the look.  I normally use top coat on the nail polish as an adhesive to hold the nail props i.e( jewelry, flakes, rhinestones etc)  into the nail, but this time I wanted it to last. The top coat is a good adhesive, but it is not great enough in my opinion for the job. The method used worked pretty well as the diamonds/rhinestones stood the to the test of time. below is instructions and a video nail tutorial on the look.


You could use false nails or your own instructions will be the same

1. Apply a layer of Base Coat (Any Brand)

2. Apply (2) two layers of Nail polish (any brand) I used La Colour Gel Extreme shine  Nail polish

3. Dot nail glue ontop nail in desired style

4. Apply diamonds/rhinestones or jewelry onto nail in desired style

5. Place a layer of top coat upon completion ( I used the Sinful Shine Top Coat)

Products used

Press on nails
La Color Base Coat
La Color Purple Extreme Gel Shine Nail Polish
Sinful Shine top coat
Nail Glue
Cuticle Stick
Nail diamonds

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