how to copy kim kardashian west two braid hairstyle

How to copy Kim Kardashian inspired double Dutch braid style and look fabulous

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How to recreate Kim Kardashian inspired dutch braid Kim Kardashian West has a well renownd reputation for breaking the internet, but when it comes to her desirable fashion and trend setting persona everyone can agree she is on top of her game. This is why we decided to showcase her latest revamped old hairstyle that has been around well before Kim K West was born. Yes the now infamous double dutch braid which has been trending ever since Kim posted her first instagram selfie displaying the now popular hair style. Not only has this style been popular in black communities, but all races seem to be copy catting the infamous Dutch braid.

In light of the sudden popularity of this braid style we decided to share a tutorial on how to do the Kim Kardashian inspired double dutch braid using hair extensions/kanekalon braids. The instructions are simple and we even linked a video tutorial below for added support.

The method used in the tutorial is called the feed the cornrow method, which is in my opinion is a bootleg/water down version of the Ghana braid. Please see instructions below on how to do the infamous Kim Kardashian inspired double Dutch braid/Ghana Braid/French braid or Feed the cornrow braid style on natural, transitioning or relaxed hair using kanekalon/regular jumbo hair braid.  


1. You will need one pack of kanekalon/regular jumbo hair braid and two small rubber bands or hair bands
2. Section your hair into to equal parts using the tip of a rat tail comb
3. Section out your pack of kanekalon braid into two equal parts
4. From one half of your braid section two small portions
5. Then section the rest of your half two times larger than the first two to maintain a natural looking braid
6. When you have finished sectioning braid section out two to three small sections to the front of your hair
7. Add the first small braid to your hair
8. Braid hair about two times before adding the other small braid.
9. Continue the same process adding larger portions of braid untill braid is finished.
10. Apply rubber band or hair band to the end of braid
11. Repeat steps 4 to 10

kanekalon hair braid

Please refer to the video on for added support on  how to do the Kim Kardashian inspired double dutch braid using hair extensions/kanekalon braids on transitioning, natural or relaxed hair.

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