how to deal with bad customer service

How to deal bad customer service or rude attendants

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how to deal with bad customer serviceMost times good or bad customer service is the deciding factor in weather or not a person will do business with your company or patronize your establishment again. This is why many large companies invest millions of dollars each year towards proper customer service training for their staff to ensure good business. Most times they also inject loads of cash into creating a worker friendly environment to keep staff happy in the hopes that they are all smiles when dealing with irate customers.

Then there are some companies who have awesomely friendly frontline staff who attract you to sign ridiculous contract promising great customer care and assistance. But after you sign your life away they assign a “not so friendly”  assistant who treats you like if “you are the reason they are unhappy at the job.” That would piss anyone off so how do we deal with these people?

Here are some suggestions on how to deal with these unfriendly customer service reps and help you execute your right to be angry yet gain some piece of mind/revenge on bad customer service.

Try reasoning with the customer service representative 

This may not always work but it’s worth a shot. The CSR may be having a bad day and though it may not be your fault you could try to change their bad attitude by dropping a slick joke before properly explaining yourself. If this does not work then try the other step

Ask for the Manager or Supervisor

Try to explain your situation to higher authority in the hope of proper rectification.

Contact the company Owner

Now this is a pretty difficult task as you never really get in contact with this person, but if you could source an email address that should work just fine. Leave a paper trail so the company can not deny your interaction with them.

Create a viral Social Media Post

Now if the company’s owner just happens to be a complete idiot, the most effective thing to do is create a social media post and get your friends and family to blast it all over to build awareness of your situation. This is an amazing tactic as it hits the company where it hurts “Their Pocket”…. You may receive a phone call or an email from the company either asking you to refrain from discrediting their name or you may receive compensation for your grievance in exchange for a cease and desist of your viral post. Either way you still get their attention.

Film a video while receiving bad customer service 

If it if possible film a video while you are receiving bad treatment or get a friend or people around you to film. The more the merrier and even more social media posts as evidence. That way, you and the individuals who posted the videos own the copywrite to the video and it would be more difficult for the company to try removing it off a website. This method ties in with the viral post method as you execute similar tactics in the hopes of capturing the attention  of the company.

Take your complaint to print media

Although we are in the technological era print media still gets results. Statistically, millions of newspapers are sold daily worldwide. Most of these news paper companies also have websites so your story has the potential to be seen on their massive platform thus also capturing the attention of the company in the hopes they will contact you to resolve the matter.

Take it to a news channel

Just like our previous point, the possibilities are endless with this form dealing with bad CSR.

Do not do business with the company

Instead of accepting bad service keep your money and take it to another organization you think value’s your time and money more. i.e Don’t spend your cash even if they are in the middle of making your burger just walk away. That will hurt them even more as the manager or supervisor would more than likely ask them “why they lost the sale”.

In closing I too have fallen victim to bad customer service and I hated it. You as the consumer have the choice whether or not to deal with the situation or just walk away. I hope these tips were helpful. Please leave a comment on how you deal with bad customer service, your comment could help someone in a similar situation deal with it.

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