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How to do crown braid/halo braid updo video tutorial

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Halo braidBraid styles are curently trending and what beter way to keep up with trends than to kump onto the band waggon and ride. This is why we did this Crown/Halo braid tutorial for women with short hair to follow. This hair style could be easily acheived for women with longer hair but for those of us who need kelp nailing this Halo braid, then this video tutorial is for you.

My hair is currently transitioning so i have been doing many protective styles and this is one of my favorites. First you will need a few tool before you begin the style.

What is needed                                                             kanekalon hair braid

Hair pins
Hair clips
One or two pack Kanekalon or Jumbo braid
Edge control
Extra hold hair gel


  1. Pull all your hair into a low one and secure it with a hair band
  2. Take your kanekalon braid and leave the rubber band to the top of the hair.
  3. Secure rubber band on a pointy surface and begin to braid the hair extension in a regular braid pattern
  4. When you are finished braiding the hair extension secure the end with a rubber band
  5. Then take the end of the braided extension as seen in the video and add it to the end of your low pony tail
  6. Secure the end of the braid with pins to hide your natural hair
  7. Then take the free braid as seen in video and wrap it around from the back of your head to the top and then back down to the back until it meets up to the ponytail where it started
  8. Pin down the hair and secure it under the braid to leave a seamless finish
  9. Pin around the braid to prevent it from falling off your head
  10. Apply edge control of styling gel as desired
  11. Spray hair with sheen spray or hair polish (optional)


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