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How to style box braids without having to visit the hair stylist

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Ever spent money to braid your hair and after a week you want to style it? Most times you don’t have a clue on how to begin? Then this video tutorial is for you. In the video tutorial below you will find three simple hairstyles you can do with your box braids. You can also use these simple styles on your medium to long natural 4 A to C hair or any other hair type. The braid I used was afro kinky, but you can also style any other type of braids using the same logic.

First style is a simple up do sectioned in two:

  1. Section your braid into two parts down the midle. Make them uneven as seen in the video.
  2.  Braid the smaller section and tuck it away to begin working on the larger section
  3. Roll the other section as seen in the video tutorial in a front to back motion until you get to the back
  4. Secure the back with a rubber band or any other hair accessory of your choice
  5. Repeat the same step on the 2nd side and you are done

Simple braid style Simple braid style

The second style is like mini cornrows in your braids, but instead of plating the braid you are simply rolling them.

  1. Section your hair down the middle from your forehead to the back of your neck
  2. Then section out another part next to it, in order to get your section to work on
  3. Start rolling the hair until you get to the back of your neck as seen in the video
  4. Secure it with a rubber band or any other hair accessory
  5. Follow step 2 to 4 until you complete your head as seen in the video

How to style box braids







Now for the 3rd and final style. This updo hairstyle is more suited for weddings, but can still be used as an everyday braided hairstyle.

  1. Section out a part of braid about (3) three inches away from your hairline
  2. Roll the braid into a bantu knot
  3. Take a small portion of the hair from the front and wrap it around the bantu knot
  4. Repeat step #3 using braid from the opposite side wrapping in the opposite direction
  5. Keep repeating steps #3 and #4 until you are finished as seen in the video

simple way to style your braids simple way to style your braids







Check out the vid for the full tutorial on three simple ways to style your afro kinky braids.

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