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Kanye West’s tweet got him and Tidal sued

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life of pabloOpps! Kanye West did it again, no he didn’t play with your heart “Britney Spears plug.” The now controversial tweet allegedly influenced hundreds of thousands of fans to spend their money on a Tidal subscription just hear West’s latest album.

This is the alleged tweet which may cost Tidal millions of dollars, hear’s the tea.

Mr West hyped up the release of his album titled The Life Of Pablo earlier this year and tweeted that Tidal was the only place the album would be available. His tweet allegedly doubled Tidal’s subscription base from around one million to two million subscribers as fans frantically flocked to pay the $9.99 per month subscription fee just to hear the record. Unfortunately the same record could now be heard on Apple Music and Spotify.

One annoyed fan, Justin Baker-Rhett has taken matters into his own hands and is taking legal action against Tidal and Kanye for misleading himself along with other fans to subscribe to hear Kanye’s now public album.

According to media reports Jay Edelson lawyer Baker-Rhett’s wrote in a statement.“We fully support the right of artists to express themselves freely and creatively, however creative freedom is not a license to mislead the public, We believe that we will be able to prove to a jury that Mr. West and Tidal tricked millions of people into subscribing to their services and that they will ultimately be held accountable for what they did.”

Kermit must have enjoyed this tea however.  But if the Jay wins the lawsuit Tidal will have to give back a total of around $84 million!

Prior to this drama, Tidal also tried to capitalized off another artiste, back in 2014. Anyone remember there was a big hoopla surrounding the release of Nicki Minaj and Beyonce music video for the track titled “Feeling Myself.” Back then the music video was supposedly only available via their paid subscription website. Fans also took matters into their own hands as they somehow managed to get their hands on the video and began sharing it all over social media.

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