Marc Beauty eyeconic multi finish eyeshadow palette

Marc Beauty eyeconic multi finish eyeshadow palette review

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The Marc Beauty eyeconic multi finish eyeshadow palette by Marc Jacobs is a really good investment. Although it’s a bit pricey, they can be purchased at Sephora for $49.00 bucks, it could be worth your wild. If you are interested in the pros and cons of the Marc Beauty Edgitorial eyeshadow palette keep reading. “You be the judge.”

I received the Edgitorial palette free for testing from and Marc Beauty and I must admit if I didn’t receive it free and saw reviews I might have still purchased it. Not to use in my everyday makeup routine, but strictly for special occasions.

Here are some pros and cons I discovered from the Marc Beauty eyeshadow palette :

Pros (Marc Beauty eyeconic multi finish eyeshadow palette, Edgitorial)

  1. The packaging is very sturdy
  2. The Name Marc Jacobs is a trusted brand
  3. The palette was well constructed in terms of colour choices (three shimmer and mat shades which complement each other)
  4. Long lasting
  5. The shades show on a various skin tones very nicely
  6. Very pigmented shadows
  7. Easy to apply
  8. Very blendable
  9. Minimal fall out

Cons  (Marc Beauty eyeconic multi finish eyeshadow palette, Edgitorial)

  1. Could be a bit pricey for some people
  2. The colour range is a bit limited for persons who like bright eyeshadows

Overall I love how blendable and pigmented the matte shades are. The shimmer shades are also very beautiful and they have a sort of reflective/camouflage tone, which looks so good when applied on the skin. The Edgitorial palette consist of (7) seven shades,  four shimmer and three matte.

There names and descriptions are listed below:

  • Take a memo – Matte creamish shade
  • Next season – Shimmer reflective pearl shade
  • We’ll see – Matte Brown
  • Pleather python – Shimmer reflective gold
  • Making a scene – Shimmer reflective peach/cream
  • Enviously – Matte moss green
  • Everywhere – Shimmer reflective moss green

The Pleather python shade reminds me a bit of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty highlight called “Trophy Wife”, which  sent the beauty community into a frenzy trying to purchase the product.

Below you will see a video of me unboxing the Marc Beauty eyeconic multi finish eyeshadow palette, Edgitorial. Fell free to subscribe to my newsletter and drop a comment on what you think about the Marc Beauty line particularly about the Marc Beauty eyeconic multi finish eyeshadow palettes.

 Check out my makeup look and eye swatch of the Marc Beauty eyeshadow palette.

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