Samsung DV180F 16MP

Samsung DV180F 16MP review and video test at Spring Break Maracas beach trip

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Samsung DV180F 16MPThe Samsung DV180F 16MP 5x optic zoom smart camera is packed with amazing features which can be very useful according to your desire.  In case you are contemplating purchasing this little camera for everyday use or even vlogging there are a few things you should know. Check out the awesome features packed into this little bad boy.

Features Include

  • 16.2 megapixel sensor for better image quality
  • 5x zoom lens gets you closer to the action
  • Two LCDs, a 2.7-inch screen on the back and a 1.5-inch screen on the front
  • Smart shooting modes
  •  Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC which allows you backup and share your images easily
  • Takes 720p HD-quality MPEG video at 30 frames per second
  • Smart Auto 2.0 automatically analyzes the current shooting environment and chooses the right mode to give you the best possible picture
  • Compact design makes it easy for you to slip the DV180F into your pocket

Video Review 

After using the Samsung DV180F 16MP 5x optic zoom smart camera to shoot videos during the day I noticed it takes just above the quality of my Samsung S 5 cellphone. During the day the camera works fine. The WIFI sharing also works great and comes in just as handy as a cellphone as it shares images directly to my facebook and other social media sites.  The zoom is pretty good, however it get a little pixelated when you used to full capacity. The picture quality is a little better than the cellphone, however it does not perform that well in low light situations.

The video quality during the day is pretty good for vlogging, but it is not great. In conclusion, this camera would be good for a photo enthusiast as it’s convenient size makes it a must have product for a beginner. But I would not recommend the Samsung DV180F 16MP for a professional photographer as the quality is not that impressive.

Similar cameras to the Samsung DV180F 16MP 5x optic zoom smart camera include the Samsung DV300 F 16MP 5x optic zoom smart camera or the cannon N 2, which work just as fine.

cannon n 2 Samsung DV300F Dual View Smart Camera

Check out the video test on a vlog I shot while on my way to Maracas Bay Trinidad and Tobago.

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