Marley twist crochet braids

Simple way to remove crochet braids and re use them

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Marley twist crochet braids

If you want to learn a simple way to remove your crochet braids in a manner that they can be reused then this blog post is for you.

Simply follow the step by step instructions both in the video and written and you will be removing Crochet braids from your natural hair like a pro. Now this method only works with the following Crochet braid styles listed



  • Havana twist
  • Box braids
  • Faux locs
  • Senegalese twist
  • Mamba twist

This method will not work best with the following crochet braid styles.

  • Kanekalon  braid extensions (unless it is in box braids, twist or faux locs)
  • Any type of curly braid eg ( Freetress Jerry curl, Deep wave, Romance curl)
  • Any type of Marley braid (unless it is in box braids, twist or faux locs)
  • Any type of straight hair

Step by step Instructions on how to remove Crochet braids:

Step 1

Place your fingers on the root of the braid and pull the longer end. This will allow you to identify where the knot of the crochet braid begins

Step 2

When you find the knot, stick your finger through the loop part to widen/slacken the knot

Step 3

Pull on the loop until you get about a 1 inch space

Step 4

Place your finger on the other part of the braid and pull in the opposite direction until the braid comes out

Please refer to the video on how to remove crochet braids below for a better understanding of how to acheive reusable Crochet braids. Thank you for watching.

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