Social media goes crazy after Jaclyn Hill and Kim Kardashian collaboration video

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Social media erupts as Jaclyn Hill and Kim Kardashian collaborated on a YouTube makeup video.

I’m not sure when it all started but I woke up this morning to my Youtube recommended videos feed flooded with Kim K and Jaclyn Hill’s “beef” on YouTube. Naturally I opened up a couple videos along with the original only to realize it’s a matter of perception.

Basically Kim Kardashian and Jaclyn Hill collaborated on a Get Ready With Me (GRWM) video where they used each other’s products (KKW contour kit and lipstick, Jaclyn hill eyeshadow palette) and gave brief reviews on them. Kim said she reached out to Jaclyn because she was in Mexico and saw her reviewing the KKW lip kits and decided to work with her from there. Jaclyn said she was excited to work with Kim because the first makeup look she did on Youtube was a Kim K inspired look, so she was really happy for the opportunity to work with her.

Both Kim and Jaclyn’s launched their products on the same day, which made it difficult for them to attend each other’s launch. The collab seemed like a good PR move for both parties as they were able to test each other’s products and gain the stamp of approval from either party. Did it work? It did capture a lot of attention, both positive and negative so it could have worked.

The Collaboration

Please note, Jaclyn did not edit the video

During the video Jaclyn and Kim sat down doing their makeup in true GRWM style. Kim seemed cool and calm while Jaclyn was a bit excited which she later said is her personality. They both exchanged makeup tips and even answered fan questions sent to them live. Kim said she was impressed at how Jaclyn grew her business via social media and also thanked Jaclyn for teaching her a few makeup things. Jaclyn was excited to collaborate with the person she did her first makeup video on. But with all positive things there is negative and it was so bad that Jaclyn had to remove comments from the video.

The internet goes off on Jaclyn

Although there was no drama on set the comment section was disabled as there were many mean comments “I guess”. While scrolling through YT people complained that Jaclyn was acting fake, some said she was acting like a “dum blond”. They even accused Kim of being a bit annoyed while filming. The internet basically went in on Jaclyn saying she was a bit rude among other things. I attached an IG post from Kim K and Jaclyn where you will see how bad the comments got. While there was fans coming to her defense, the online shading was real.

So here are my views on the matter

After watching the video it was quite obvious to see that Jaclyn was excited to meet Kim in person. She was even more excited to collaborate with her which is understandable. People said she threw shade at Kim when she endorsed the Morphie sponge during filming, but if Kim and her team didn’t want that part of the video shown they would have deleted it. However it was a bit shady to plug another brand’s product while doing a review of a product with the company owner right there. “but that ain’t non of my business”. If she honestly likes the Morphie makeup sponge that’s ok, when giving a review you should be honest.

Another thing people called her out on was the contour three. Yes we know she knows how to do it, but you have to remember it’s a video and she was excited. Now i am not saying she shouldn’t be herself but maybe as i said before she was a bit star struck and started acting like that because she didn’t know what to say in that moment.

This would mostly apply to shy people …

“Ok here is an example of what I mean.  Remember that boy or girl you had a crush on in High School that you were too scared to approach. When the opportunity came up for you to speak with them you would freeze up or say something stupid“. That is what she probably felt, It could have been word vomit.

kermit meme






Finally the net felt as though Kim was annoyed by Jaclyn’s excited behavior. I watched the video and if Kim was annoyed she sure did a good job of hiding it. In conclusion whether or not Jaclyn threw shade at Kim, they both making money. Jaclyn’s palette had been trending since its release and Kim herself is a brand. I support anyone who is trying to get that money just be honest in your reviews and personality. Don’t let anyone alter you because of fame, just be yourself.

I would really appreciate your feedback. Do you think Jaclyn acted fake or star struck, leave your answer in the comment section along with your opinion on the whole matter.

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